What is anodizing?

Anodizing is a means by which aluminum can be made more durable, decorative and resistant to corrosion. This electrochemical process results in a surface resistant to the elements for years on end. The transparent, anodized finish can also be tinted into an array of colours using dyes, with a hot seal solution further protecting the surface area.

After anodizing, a porous anodic coating is formed. It is through this porous coating that dyes may be adsorbed. The natural oxide film is extremely thin, making the introduction of an artificially-formed film a necessity.


Custom Black would like to emphasize that - the better the surface finish of the product provided - the better the results will be in terms of anodizing. All surfaces must be clean and dry and free of contaminants. Further, customers need to be specific as to exactly what type of aluminum they are asking Custom Black to anodize, in order to achieve the highest result.